Addiction and
Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy has been proven to be beneficial in the recovery programme of those with addictions. Those suffering with addictions verbally manipulate the truth as a way to hide their addiction. As horses communicate primarily non-verbally an addict will have to find a new way of communicating that is honest and open.

Horses are able  to mirror a person’s internal emotional condition which reveals areas where therapeutic progress can be made. Clients learn about themselves  and develop better interpersonal skills in addition to recognizing emotions previously hidden by the effects of the addiction which in turn can only be beneficial to the recovery process.

 Bosence Farm is a Residential Rehabilitation facility who has worked with Equus Solutions for several years. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy has now become an established and highly successful part of the recovery programme. The Equus Solutions EAP and Bosence Farm Evaluation Case Study can be downloaded below.

Bosence Farm Case Study