Family Therapies, Equine
Assisted Therapy and Learning

We offer both residential and non-residential support programs for families needing help with a range of problems including: trauma, loss and bereavement, communication breakdown, anxiety and stress management, eating disorders and low self esteem, anger and aggression, substance abuse and domestic violence.

All therapy and learning sessions involve safe, ground-based activities involving the horses. Participants taking part work with our trained therapists to process feelings, patterns and behaviors that may arise. The focus is on developing human skills rather than horsemanship skills. It is a positive, unforgettable experience which builds self esteem.

There is no ridden element to these programs but they can be combined with family ‘learn to ride’ sessions, where families will learn to ride through a mixture of activities such as: riding lessons, natural horsemanship, horse handling and carriage driving. For more experienced riders we can offer advanced horse riding activities including trail rides, beach rides and using our small cross country training course.